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Glycodendrimers as new tools in the search for effective anti-HIV DC-based immunotherapies – Corrected Proof

Abstract: Dendritic cells (DC), which play a major role in development of cell-mediated immunity, represent opportunities to develop novel anti-HIV vaccines. Dendrimers have been proposed as new carriers to ameliorate DC antigen loading and in this way, we have determined the potential use of maltose decorated neutrally and positively charged G4… Continue reading

Detection of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer with a refined immunomagnetic nanoparticle enriched assay and nested-RT-PCR – Corrected Proof

Abstract: Early detection of circulation tumor cells (CTCs) in breast cancer patients has great clinical relevance. Currently, immunomagnetic microparticles enriched assays require Fe3O4 inner cores, making it difficult to improve sensitivity. In this study, we prepared magnetic nanoparticles with carbon-coated pure iron (Fe@C) acted as the core,… Continue reading

Targeted delivery of a decoy oligodeoxynucleotide to a single ES cell by femtoinjection – Corrected Proof

Abstract: Femtoinjection has been proposed as a feasible approach for the targeted delivery of a decoy oligodeoxynucleotide (ODN) into a single ES cell for the study of transcription factor activity. Here, we evaluated the utility of decoy ODN delivery via femtoinjection in an ES cell model in which Venus fluorescent protein was expressed under… Continue reading

PEGylated FePt@Fe2O3 core-shell magnetic nanoparticles: Potential theranostic applications and in vivo toxicity studies – Uncorrected Proof

Abstract: Herein, we develop FePt@Fe2O3 core-shell magnetic nanoparticles as a T2 magnetic resonance (MR) imaging contrast agent as well as a drug carrier for potential cancer theranostic applications. The FePt@Fe2O3 core-shell nanoparticles are synthesized and then functionalized with polyethylene glycol (PEG). Folic acid (FA) is conjugated on… Continue reading