Stakeholder workshop on nanoscience and nanotechnology

01/04/2019 · 02/04/2019



The European Food Safety Authority published in July 2018 its Guidance on human and animal health aspects (Part 1) of the risk assessment of the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in the food and feed chain.

The document takes account of scientific developments related to human and animal health since publication of the previous guidance in 2011, particularly regarding physico-chemical characterisation, exposure assessment and hazard characterisation of nanomaterials.

The guidance also details nano-specific considerations when performing in vivo/in vitro studies and outlines a tiered framework for toxicological assessment.

The guidance is applicable to novel foods, food contact materials (FCMs), food/feed additives and pesticides. Its correct implementation is important for applicants that seek market approval/renewal of a product under the various food laws, as well as for regulatory risk assessors from EFSA, Member States, and stakeholders. Since the new novel food legislation came into force in January 2018, it has been mandatory for the most up-to-date test methods to be used in risk assessments.

Objectives of the meeting

EFSA invites applicants to share their experiences of implementing the Guidance on risk assessment of nanoscience and nanotechnologies applications in the food and feed chain.

Structure of the meeting

A one-and-a-half-day workshop where applicants can raise specific issues, give and follow presentations, and discuss with EFSA scientists their experiences in implementing the guidance.

Who should attend?

The meeting is intended for all applicants with expertise and interest in the area of risk assessment of nanoscience and nanotechnology applications in the food and feed chain.

Stakeholders that are using nanosciences and nanotechnologies and intend to submit dossiers to EFSA are particularly encouraged to attend the event.

The meeting can accommodate a maximum of 60 participants, including speakers and other experts identified by EFSA. A post-registration selection will ensure there is a sufficient representation of the various fields of expertise and sectors as well as geographical balance.

Online registrations

The registration form can be found at:

Please note that registration closes at midnight on 28 February.

After closure of registration, potential participants will be informed whether or not they have been selected for participation.

Logistical information

The meeting will take place between 1 April 2019, from 13:30 to 17:00, and 2 April 2019, from 09.00 to 16.00 in Parma, Italy. Further details on the venue and logistics will be communicated to selected participants following the closure of registrations. The event will be conducted; no translation will be provided.

There is no participation fee involved, but you will be expected to cover expenses related to your travel and accommodation.