JOB OFFER: Bio(chemical) laboratory technician

INSTITUT QUÍMIC DE SARRIÀ – RAMON LLULL UNIVERSITY calls for the selection process for
the coverage of 1 position to cover a position for the Investigo Program whose purpose is to
promote the hiring of unemployed people registered as job seekers, for carrying out research
and innovation initiatives.
The opportunity is offered to join a leading university, in the Materials Engineering group
(GEMAT), in a dynamic and professionalized environment.

• To Provide technical support to the development project of nanosystems to be used
in gene, immunological and anti-tumor therapies.
• To Follow and improve synthesis protocols of (bio)materials for their subsequent use
as encapsulation of genetic material.
• To Synthesize polymers for later use in nanoformulations.
• To Formulate and characterize nanosystems based on polymers and genetic material.
• To Maintain and carry out experiments in different cell cultures.
• To Actively participate in seminars and group meetings.
• To Participate in the organization of chemistry and cell culture laboratories.

Profile Requirements:

Education: Graduated in biotechnology, chemistry, nanotechnology or similar.
• Background:
o Organic Chemistry.
o Synthesis and chemical characterization of polymers. or Nanomaterials.
o Basic cell biology techniques.
Experience: Experience in chemistry synthesis and chemical characterization, as well as
correct practices in crop laboratories.
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English.
• At the time of hiring, the following requirements must be met:
o Be between 16 and 30 years old
o Being unemployed
o Be registered as a job seeker in the Catalan Employment Service (SOC)
o Not having carried out research at Ramon Llull University in the last six months.

• Full-time contract
• Expected duration: 24 months
• Planned incorporation: Immediate

Selection process:
• Submission of applications: interested persons must submit their application via email
to the IQS-URL Human Resources department (, indicating the
reference: INVESTIGO GEMAT1 and providing the following documentation:
o Motivational letter
o Detailed CV
o Academic record
IQS – URL may require the accreditation of the mandatory requirements before the
formalization of the contract, as well as of the necessary aspects when it considers that there
may be inaccuracies.

• Deadline: applications can be submitted up to and including September 30
• Admission and selection process:
o The Human Resources Department of IQS – URL is the body responsible for the entire
admission and selection process in accordance with the rules and procedures
applicable to the entity.
o Candidates who do not meet any of the mandatory requirements will be excluded
from the selection process.
o The selection process will be carried out in a single curriculum evaluation phase in
which the curricula received will be evaluated according to the following weighting:
Ø University Records: 3 points
Ø Knowledge: 2 points
Ø Languages: 1 point
Ø Experience: 4 points

Ramon Llull University includes in its IV Gender Equality Plan the commitment to promote
equality between people and includes measures to guarantee equal treatment and
opportunities between genders and eliminate any type of discrimination. The areas affected
by this Plan, in accordance with what is regulated by article 46 of LO3/2007, are access to
employment, professional classification, promotion and training, remuneration, arrangement
of working time; and the prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.

This offer is part of the Investigo Program, for hiring young people seeking work to carry out research and
innovation initiatives, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Official code 2022-C23.I01.P03.S0020-0000596.

Full offer here.