PhD fellowship in Microfluidics, Nanotechnology and Molecular Imaging for the development of theranostic systems for in vivo delivery of therapeutics

The PhD position offered will be directed by the Prof Pedro Ramos Cabrer, from the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Group, and Dr Susana Carregal Romero, from the Molecular and Functional Biomarkers Laboratory of CIC biomaGUNE, in San Sebastian. Our laboratories are focused on the development of theranostic materials and molecular imaging techniques for the study and treatment of Neurological, Cardiovascular and Lung diseases.

We look for a motivated person who likes to work in a highly interdisciplinary manner that involves moving around the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology with the aim of design, prepare and characterize novel theranostic nanomaterials, to study the interaction of such nanomaterials at cellular (in vitro) and whole body (in vivo) levels, and to conduct molecular imaging studies of the performance of such materials in their main goal, to deliver therapeutics in target organs and tissues. A central part of this project will be the development of microfluidics as a novel, green and efficient way to prepare the desired nanomaterials.

Organization: CIC biomaGUNE

Application Deadline: 26/04/2021

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