Post Doctoral position:NanoDielectric Spectroscopy of Polymers and Soft Matter

The objective of the work is to study the local dielectric response of polymers and soft matter at the nano scale. The idea is to use a previously developed experimental setup, based on a combination of an AFM and a lock-in amplifier, to measure and quantify the local dielectric response in several glass forming materials. Different systems, like polymers, polymer blends, nano-particles composites and biological samples will be analysed by means of this new approach. In particular, the work will focus in investigating the nano-particle/polymer interphase and the polymer dynamics in different phases for heterogeneous polymer blends. The main purpose of this project is to continue previous works in order to gain further insight into the nature of the physical mechanisms that govern the polymer/nano-particle as well as the polymer/polymer interactions and its correlation with dynamic-mechanical properties. The dielectric characterization will be complemented with the measurement of the local mechanical behaviour at the nano scale by means of AFM. Only highly motivated candidates with a good background in polymer physics, polymer dynamics and experimental techniques are encouraged to apply for this position. The applicant should hold a Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science before starting working. Experience in polymer dynamics and/or good knowledge of AFM techniques are strongly recommended. Please, send an updated CV and a letter of motivation to Dr. Gustavo Ariel Schwartz at schwartz(at) in order to get a letter of acceptance to apply for this position.


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