Post Doctoral position: Component Dynamics in Amino Acid Aqueous Solutions

The general framework of this project is to contribute to the understanding of the dynamic processes in aqueous solutions of biological systems such as proteins. The work here proposed can be considered as a first and necessary step, considering solutions of amino acids at different concentrations. By applying neutron scattering techniques on isotopically labeled samples, the component dynamics of the amino acid and water molecules in the solutions can be resolved and characterized. This is the main focus of the proposed project. To begin with, we already have a complete set of experimental results on proline solutions that need to be analyzed. This assures the immediate availability of neutron scattering results on an interesting system, while new experiments on other solutions will be planned and carried out along the duration of the contract. The information provided by neutron scattering may later be combined with dielectric and MD-simulation results from our group to reach a molecular understanding of the dynamics in these ‘simple’ biomolecular systems.


Contact person: Arantxa Arbe (a.arbe(at)


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