Post Doctoral position: Luminescence upconversion in the microcavities with semiconductor colloidal nanocrystals

The Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group is looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher to work on a project focusing on the photon energy upconversion in the microcavities integrated with semiconductor colloidal quantum dots. This project involves the development of the protocols for controllable modification, functionalization and deposition of quantum dots and the fabrication of hybrid structures such as whispering-gallery resonators coupled with single nanocrystals. A big part of the project focuses on FLIM imaging, a steady-state, time-resolved photoluminescence and photon correlation spectroscopies of these samples with the highest spatial and temporal resolution at various temperatures. For this position, it is desirable to have combined experiences in optics of whispering-gallery microcavities and surface chemistry of quantum dots. Also good communication skills in English both oral and written will be considered as some advantage.


Contact person: Yury Rakovich (yury.rakovich(at)


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