Post Doctoral position: Spintronics in low dimensional materials

The general objective of the research project is to develop a practical theory of spin-charge transport phenomena mediated by spin-orbit coupling for spintronics applications in realistic materials and nanostructures. More specifically we will focus on spin-charge conversion effects, such as the spin Hall effect and the Edelshtein effect in normal and superconducting hybrid bilayer and multilayer structures. In these systems a strong interface spin-orbit coupling is expected, which we are going to study in detail. Our main goal is to bridge a model-based quantum kinetic theory of spin-charge transport phenomena and the modern first-principle electronic structure methods. As a result of this project we expect to develop a flexible parameter-free approach for modelling realistic spintronics devises. Also, this project addresses the electronic and structural dynamics of extended systems (solids, 2D and topological materials) driven (and controlled) by laser pulses. The project will use the new time dependent density functional framework we have developed to -Treat quantum mechanically strong light-matter interaction processes. Among one of the envision applications would be the description of high-harmonic generation, photo-induced currents and electron emission. The work would be done in collaboration with Prof. Ilya Tokatly, Prof. G. Vignale, Dr. S. Bergeret and Dr. A. Drogetthi (ab-initio modeling)


Contact person: Angel Rubio (angel.rubio(at)


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