Post Doctoral position:Growth and characterization of silicide based heterostructures

In this project two-dimensional, half-metallic silicides, consisting of a single atomic layer (AL) of rare earth (RE) atoms beneath two ALs of silicon will be used as the template for subsequent deposition of various capping layers, nanostructures, and molecules. Different insulating capping layers, e.g. silica, TiO, AlO, or CaF2 will be grown by appropriate methods such as atomic-layer deposition or molecular beam epitaxy. The capped silicides will be characterized using a variety of in-situ surface-science techniques, such as scanning probe methods, photoemission spectroscopy and magneto-optic Kerr effect in order to study whether the two-dimensional silicide prevails under the capping layer. Furthermore, the possibility to interface different silicides with novel materials such as topological and mott-hubbard insulators, complex magnetic materials such as spin-liquids or skyrmion lattices as well as with organic molecules will be explored. Promising samples will be further scrutinized toward applications in e.g. optics, data storage, or sensing together with our collaborators using different ex-situ methods.


Contact person: Celia Rogero (celia_rogero(at)


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