Post Doctoral position:Local dielectric spectroscopy by AFM. Application to polymer based materials

During recent years we developed an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)-based dielectric spectroscopy method to investigated dielectric relaxation phenomena in micro/nano-structured materials with a nanometer spatial resolution. This is based on detecting the phase lag between a locally applied electric field (using an AFM probe) and the resulting displacement current, which originates dissipative electrical processes in the material under investigation. This experimental approach opens a two-fold opportunity. On one hand, fundamental problems related to the molecular dynamics of nano/micro segregated polymer based systems can be readily investigated. On the other hand, by this experimental method one can gain access to technological information relevant for a wide range of applications: materials for energy storage, composite materials, biomaterials, among others. Taking all this into account, we are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a good background in polymer based materials, relaxation methods and experience in using AFM. The main tasks to be developed during the project are exploring the feasibility and limitations of using this new experimental approach for both fundamental understanding in polymer physics and the material properties relevant for technological applications.


Contact person: A. Alegria (angel.alegria(at)


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