Postdoctoral research position in nanomedicine and nanotheranostics. Universidad de Santiago

The ROCHE‐CHUS JOINT UNIT for precision oncology (ROCHE‐University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela), offers a position in Nanomedicine and Nanotheranostics.
Eligible candidate will lead a research line focused on the development and preclinical evaluation of novel nanotools with application in the management and detection of metastatic cancer disease.
The ROCHE‐CHUS Joint Unit is a new laboratory created with the objective of providing innovative solutions to reach a precision oncology for breast and prostate cancer based on the molecular and functional characterization of key steps for tumor dissemination and progression.


What we offer: 

1. The incorporation in the ROCHE‐CHUS Joint Unit, within the Health Research Institute of Santiago (IDIS;, officially recognized in 2010 by the National Health Institute (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) as one of the Health Research Institutes created to cultivate excellence in biomedical research.

2. A translational research project: The Area of Oncology is configured with the aim that the clinical criteria define the basis of the research projects to rapidly revert to the patient.

3. Integration in a multidisciplinary research team: including inputs from different research fields and covering the areas of molecular and cellular biology, liquid biopsy, preclinical models and nanomedicine.

4. Attractive scientific environment: The University Hospital is integrated in the International Campus of Excellence “Campus Vida”. We provide support to all researchers with fully equipped culture rooms, cold chambers, imaging equipments, DNA sequencing, Real‐Time PCR amplification, particles analyzers, centralized spectroscopic services, MS‐HPLC, Circulating Tumor Cell analysis, animal facilities, etc.

5. Attractive social environment: Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Galicia and home to a historic center declared World Heritage Site. The city is also home to its historic University (500 years old) with more than 35.000 students. The cultural offer of the city is very broad, and its accessible environment results in an excellent life quality.

6. Competitive postdoc salary according to the standards of Spanish University.


What we offer:

1. Experience in development and characterization of nanoparticles and nanotheranostics for biomedical purposes.

2. Experience in the design of in vitro and in vivo models/experiments for preclinical evaluation of the developed nanoestructures.


3. A highly motivated, goal‐oriented, researcher that will be in charge of the execution, management and documentation of the research project.

4. Capacity to work in an interdisciplinary environment, combining the inputs of research teams from Medicine, Pharmacy and the Clinical Hospital.

5. Good oral and written communication skills in English.


6. Excellent organization skills and capacity to lead a research team.


7. Immediate incorporation is expected.


How to apply: 

To apply, please, email to our personnel management department: rrhh.frd(at) including ref. Ctto 073/2015 and the Applicant’s full name in the subject of the message together with the following attached documents:
‐ CV (no specific format is required)
‐ Copy of the applicant’s Identity Card.

No application will be eligible if all the above mentioned documents are not attached.


Deadline: 12 October 2015